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  • Kickboxing at Beijing

    日期:2010-11-12 | 分类:

    So after all this debate I finally signed myself up for kicboxing here in Beijing. It's way more expensive than Malaysia but I thought I needed the exercise, and I have no golf here. So the expensiveness makes up for the non-golfingness.


    Paid RMB4800 for 7 months extendable til 10 months. So I guess that wasn't too bad considering 3 month unlimited was RMB2700 and a 50time kickboxing pass was RMB5000. So I took the RMB4800 option.


    I better get my ass there more, even though there's so few chicks there (wtf kinda kickboxing gym is that?!), so that I get my money's worth.


    Oh and I bought my first pair of gloves and wraps from, gloves for 90RMB and wraps for RMB30. Can't get better than that. China rules.....sometimes..

  • First Blog post at Blogbus

    日期:2010-11-05 | 分类:' opening blog after blog. just trying out all the differnt platforms. Need to see how to add Nuffnang ads onto this thing.


    If everything was in English, it'd be so much easier. I'd be able to work like 10 times faster.